How To Clean Makeup Brushes DIY

Knowing how to clean makeup brushes is the key to perfect makeup application and you probably know that taking good care of your Makeup Brush Set will prolong the life

Today Makeup Brushes are an investment and if you clean them on a regular basis they can last a lifetime. Beside that, we want to mention that dirt from makeup brushes can cause serious damage to your skin like skin diseases or breakout of acne. Makeup, blusher, foundation or eye shadow sticks to each bristle and oil, bacteria, dirt, and dead skin cells build up on every inch of the brushes.

The good news is that you can Clean Makeup Brushes At Home without any investment.

You can use the ingredients that you already have at home.

Here is the best recipe - How To Clean Makeup Brushes DIY

1. One glass or jar
2. 1table spoon of White Vinegar
3. Water (lukewarm)
4. Dish soap
5. Towel
6. Small comb

Pour a cup of warm water into the jar. Add some dish soap (a tablespoon) and one tablespoon of white vinegar.

Put the brushes in the jar (face down), mix around and leave them not more than 10 minutes.

Rinse them thoroughly under the running water, and once the water runs clear squeeze the bristles to let the excess water out. Let them dry on a towel overnight. Your brushes will be spotlessly clean and soft.

If you like to keep your brushes in excellent condition, makeup brushes should be cleaned at least once a week.