Best Bag Trends That Are IN For Spring Summer 2019

So, 2019 has kicked off and leaves us with new and exciting fashion novelties to explore. Fashion is the only thing that doesn’t get old with time, and perfectly fit together with changing preferences. Bag Trends, in particular, plays a vital role in complementing fashion aspects. In fact, new bag trends are one of the most anticipated fashion updates every year since they are crucial to accomplish any type of the latest High Street clothing style. 2019 is set to be the season for double up bag trend. Gucci and Channel already confirmed two bag trend though the question is:

Why Carry One Bag When You Can Carry Two

Well, this is a tricky question. One way or another we are pretty sure you will carry all your necessary items with you, but the good thing is that today’s fashion trend is double bag inspiration, one tote bag, and one tiny bag or crossbody bag. First, it looks great. You can pair them with a transparent tote or you can insert your clutch into mesh netting shopper. Second, you can bring your most important items with you in this micro bag as it can carry a mobile, keys or sometimes only a lipstick while the tote bag is good for a laptop, iPad or gym bag. So if you like your tote and can’t resist the eclectic look of a micro bag, the best way is to carry both. And voila you are ready for the office as well as after five parties. 

In addition to the biggest, double bag craze, here are the best and the newest bag trends that should be on your wish list for Spring/Summer 2019


Fanny Packs - Belt Bags

Fanny Packs or Belt Bags are apparently making a comeback, and this time they have ticked all the right boxes. The fashion world has embraced this classic 90s fashion accessory. So it's time to get your classic grove back with Fanny Packs this spring/summer. 

Box Bag

The Box Bag is another trend that’s making a comeback this Spring/Summer. The Box Bag brings back the nostalgic feeling of carrying a packed school bag and is highly versatile as well. 


 Bright Color Bags

Bright Color Bags are the best way to represent your love for the colorful Spring/Summer season. This year brought us a multitude of options in terms of different shapes and sizes like Shoulder Bags, Tote Bags, Crossbody Bags in bright cheerful colors. Bright color bags like orange or lime green will certainly be in trend for SS19


Geometrically Shaped Bags

Ironically, these bags will be for everyone this Spring/Summer, and not only for people who understand basic geometric identities. Geometrically Shaped Bags look super trendy and go well with almost anything and for every occasion as well.

Straw Bags

Is there any better way of saying Summer than a Straw Bag? Straw Bags are the perfect option to carry around your favorite summer accessories and head out to the beach. Available in all shapes and sizes, straw bags are the way to go this summer.



Tiny Bags

Tiny Bags - Mini Crossbody Bags seem to be the latest bag trend this Spring/Summer 2019. Their practicality may be in question, but their fashion statement and their compatibility seem to have worked like a charm. If you are not looking to pack too many accessories on your bag this spring/summer, you have a good option in tiny bags. They also work excellently with other large bags as well.